Invisalign® For Kids

Invisalign® For Kids

Invisalign® First is the solution Dr Solomon usually recommends for young children, ages 7-10 years old, as well as children with sensory issues and special needs, if orthodontic treatment is needed. It serves as a preliminary or interceptive treatment while the jaws are still growing to reduce or even eliminate potentially more severe problems in the future.

Invisalign® First clear aligner treatment is a type of Phase One Orthodontic treatment in growing children from as young as age 7. It aligns the teeth while gradually expanding the arches and making room for the existing and the developing permanent teeth.


Invisalign® First

Invisalign® First Uses

Phase One treatment with Invisalign® First is the latest in childhood orthodontic innovations. It is used to:
  • Correct and guide the growth of your child’s jaw
  • Complement and match the width of the upper and lower arches
  • Create more space for crowded teeth
  • May avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions during Phase Two treatment
  • May correct thumb sucking and help improve minor speech problems

Growth Monitoring

As the adult teeth are developing, or at the end of Phase I orthodontic treatment, your child will receive a custom retainer and will be monitored periodically to ensure jaws and teeth are developing correctly.

A second shorter phase is generally needed in the majority of the patients to perfect the positions of all the adult teeth, including the second molars and to achieve bite correction. Phase I is the most effective way to treat problems that may be present at an early age. By expanding the jaws we may eliminate airway problems, eliminate the potential need for extractions of permanent teeth and sometimes even eliminating potential jaw surgery. Getting Phase I orthodontics typically shortens Phase II comprehensive orthodontic treatment time.


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